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Full Journal of Humanities Therapy Vol. 1(2010)
1~16 Shlomit C. Schuster _ Life, Happiness and Desert Reflections
17~32 Kanhaiya Lal Sharma _ Quest for Happiness
33~47 Lakkil Chung and Daebeom Lee _ Narcissism and Humanities Therapy
49~82 An-Bang Yu, Der-Heuy Lee, and Wei-Lun Lee _ Bodywork in the Clinical Humanities
83~104 Sungmi Jung and Kyungyul Kim _ Multicultural Communication from the View of Humanities Therapy
105~128 Shu-Ju Yu _ Is Ethical Counseling Possible: A Virtue Ethics Approach to Philosophical Counseling?
129~144 Young E. Rhee _ Embodied Mind Theory as a Foundation of Philosophical Practice
145~156 Minyong Lee _ Storytelling as Therapy and Its Two Modalities:Myth and Arabian Nights from the Pers..
157~176 Susanna Bardsley _ Moving, Speaking and Imagining, from Passivity to Action: Dramatherapy Work for..
177~184 N athalie Berthom ier _ The Social and Fiscal Status of the Art-therapist in France
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