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full Journal of Humanities Therapy Vol. 4 (December , 2013)
1-15 Susan L. de Wardt _ Guided Independent Study: The NFBPT Model for Professional Training in Poetry..
17-44 Vaughana Feary _ Philosophical Therapy in Correctional Facilities : Theory and Practice
45-73 Ying-Fen Su _ Wisdom and Sincerity: Two Dimensions of Pre-Confucian Humanistic Healing
75-88 In-chai Chung _ The Notion of Self-therapy in Hagok Chung Chedoo’s ‘Sincere Mind and Practical L..
89-122 Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox _ The Exigency of Being Parrhesiastic: on Truth-telling in Socrati..
123-142 Peter B. Raabe _ Philosophical Counselling and the Issues Tree
143-153 Naoki Homma _ Clinical Philosophy, a Challenge in Osaka University: Its Educational Program and Ke..
155-163 Young E. Rhee _ Graduate School Program of Humanities Therapy
165-167 My PhD Thesis
169-173 Information for Authors
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