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Full Journal of Humanities Therapy Vol. 5 (December 2014)
1-10 Peter Harteloh _ On the Defence of Philosophical Diagnoses
11-45 Peter B. Raabe _ A Catalogue of Suffering: On Diagnosing in Philosophical Mental Healthcare (PMH)
46-69 Vaughana Feary*, Lou Marinoff _ The Case against a “Philosophical DSM”
70-105 Ibanga B. Ikpe _ Prolegomena to a Critical Thinking Therapy
106-127 Keon-Sang Yu _ A Case Study on the Effects of Humanities Therapy: Focused on the Emotional Well-be..
128-161 Diane Leslie Kaufman _ The Place of Arts Medicine in Diagnosis and Healing
162-184 Ying-Fen Su _ Speech, Narrative, and Body 'The Image of ‘Solitariness’ in the Zhuangzi'
185-197 Hui-mei Lee _ Searching for the Meaning of Self: Ricoeur’s Concept of ‘Narrative Identity’ and..
198-213 Huang Chieh Yu _ Pursuing Harmony but not Similarity: A Reflection from Traditional Chinese Philos..
214-220 Author Information
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