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1-167 Journal of Humanities Therapy Vol. 6, No. 1 (June 2015)
5-23 Application and Practice of the C.I.S.A. Theory Bernard Li*
25-51 Experience and Anagogic Hermeneutics of Symbol in Philosophical Practice José Barrientos-Ra..
53-63 Distance, écart and Hermeneutics of Jian as Philosophical Perspectives for Therapy Cristal H..
65-77 “I Want, Therefore It Must Be”: Treating Fascistic Inferences in Logic-Based Therapy Elliot D...
79-69 The Sense of Proportion Amir Lydia*
97-134 From the Happiness Paradigm in Marías to the Application of the PROJECT@ Method in a Case of..
135-156 A Skeptic’s Look on Philosophical Therapy: A Criticism of Restorative Philosophy Leon de Haas*
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