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All Journal of Humanities Therapy Vol. 6, No. 2 (2015)
1-24 Bridging the Gap between Philosophy and Psychotherapy: An Outline for the Integration of Philosoph..
25-40 Philosophical Practice as Mind-opening Dialog Towards Freedom and Vivification Detlef Staude
41-48 The Need for Resurrecton in Philosophical Practice Guido Giacomo Gattai
49-78 Healing words: Poetry, Presence, and the Capacity for Happiness Alma Maria Rolfs
79-102 Happiness, Its Desirability and Feasibility Lydia Amir
103-120 Another Way of Thinking of the Modern Group-Self Relationship: The Dimension of Humanistic Healing..
121-136 Philosophical Dialogue and Intellectual Virtues Yohsuke Tsuchiya, Mai Miyata
137-174 Staging and Performing Dialogue: Employing the Theater Metaphor as a Methodological Strategy for F..
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