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All Journal of Humanities Therapy Vol. 8, No.2(December 2017)
1-26 Ascensus to Pinnacles : Bernard Li
27-54 The Study on Parent-Child Dialogue Patterns in Cinderella's sister_Focusing on the Pair of Questio..
55-74 Addiction and Therapy through Films:Lak-Kil Chung
75-112 An Overview of the Hong Kong Philosophy Café’s Legacy_The Public Impact of Eighteen Years..
113-128 Humanity Starts from the Family_A Study on the Concepts of Filial Piety and Fraternity in the Fami..
129-160 The Custodians of Rationality:Introducing Lydia Amir’s RethinkingPhilosophers’ Responsibility -..
161-170 An Idea on Application of Humanities Therapy Using Self Taemong in Forests : Sung-Hee Kang
171-187 Author Information
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