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Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Publication
The journal is published bi-annually; June 30 and December 31.

Chapter 2. Editorial Board

Article 2. Composition and Terms of Service
The Editorial Board is composed of an editor, a managing editor, and generally includes an average of less than twenty-five board members and an editorial staff. The renewable term of service is two years.

Article 3. Responsibility
The Board is responsible for the whole process of reviewing and makes decisions necessary for publishing. The editor convenes editorial meetings for journal publication. In addition to conventional meetings, online meetings and teleconferences are available.

Chapter 3. Refereeing

Article 4. Selection of Referees

The Editorial Board selects two experts in the field of the submitted manuscript as referees.

Article 5. Criteria for Refereeing
1. The Final decision on the reviewed article is made by the Editorial Board according to the following criteria.
  (1) logicality of argument
  (2) understanding of previous researches
  (3) originality of research
  (4) significance of research

2. Final decisions are as follows; Accept, Accept after minor revisions, Reconsider after major revisions, or Reject.

Top 10%
Top 25%
Top 50%
Lower 50%
Review Principles
Logiclity of Argument
Understanding of previous researches
Originality of Research
Significance of Research
Accept after minor revisions
Reconsider after major revisions

Article 6. Decision for Publication
1. When the consulted manuscript is assessed as "Accept" or "Accept after minor revisions," the manuscript is accepted with proper revisions. In exceptional cases, the final decision lies with the Board.
2. When the manuscript is assessed as "Accept after minor revisions," the submitter should revise the paper and report on what has been revised.
3. A submitter may appeal a decision in writing within 7 days. The editor calls the editorial board to review the issue and to inform the submitter of the result.

Chapter 4. Manuscript Submission

Article 7. Submission

The manuscript should be submitted via e-mail "jht.editor@gmail.com"

Article 8. Formatting Requirements
1. The manuscript should be written in order of title, author's name, an abstract, key words, the body, and references.
2. The manuscript should not exceed 12,000 words in length including footnotes and references in case of a paper and 1,500 words in case of review essay. All manuscripts must include an abstract of 150 or fewer words and five to ten key words.
3. The author's name must be provided on a separate cover sheet, along with institutional affiliation, mailing address, and email address.
4. The manuscript should be written in Microsoft or RTF format.
5. For a collaborative research manuscript, the name of the lead author should be followed by co-researchers.
6. The manuscript should follow current MLA style.
7. It is advised to use in-text citation. Footnotes are acceptable when additional, in-depth explanation is required.

Chapter 5. Supplementary Provision

Article 9.

1. This policy shall take effect from December 2010.
2. This policy shall take effect from December 2011.
3. This policy shall take effect from December 2012.
4. This policy shall take effect from December 2013.
5. This policy shall take effect from December 2014.
6. This policy shall take effect from December 2015.
7. This policy shall take effect from December 2016.

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